First Post - About

2015-01-07 in blog

This is the first post made to blog of all things Andrew Varnerin.

At the time of writing, this site looks really, incredibly utilitarian - a nice word for "ugly". I'm sitting with a Kraken Black, drafting the intial layouts for a site that is one part self-PR, one part developer blog, and all parts Andrew Varnerin.

So far this site uses:

  • Jekyll, a static site generator that lets me write in markdown while deploying pure static files
  • Foundation, a mobile-first front-end framework (via this template repo)
  • DigitalOcean, a cheap and fast SSD-based VPS service (note: that's my referral link!)
  • Nginx, an HTTP server/reverse proxy with great performance and easy to learn configuration

This site is intended to be a central hub for all of my various (mostly-software-related) activities around the internet. It will have developer posts, some self-PR-fluff, and interesting things that I find laying around.