A Map, a Marker, a Cat: Mapping with Leaflet

Maps are cool. Really, really cool. They’re an intuitive way to view mass amounts of data in a quick manner, making it easy to tell where to find a thing and how to get to said thing. Maps have long existed in a variety of physical media, but with the advent of the internet came the interactive map. This article will teach you how to make your own map using JS, Leaflet, and the Cat API. This is a long post with both background and a tutorial; you may want to skip to the part where we build our Cat-powered map.

Windows on Mac Tips

I work in what is primarily a .NET shop, but we also do a lot of development using other technologies. Since I prefer to have a rounded skill set, and working in JS and Ruby is painful on Windows, my work machine is a MacBook Pro. I’ve collected a set of scripts and tricks to make this process as smooth as possible. I virtualize our standard Windows development machine through VMWare Fusion, but the tips should apply to other solutions, such as Parallels.

DataTable to IEnumerable of Dictionaries in C#

A snippet to convert a DataTable to an IEnumerable of Dictionaries, implemented in C#. Useful in cases where the structure returned by a query is unknown due to dynamic query generation and sacrificing strong typing is acceptable.

Using vimdiff with git

I often use Github’s compare interface for comparing changes across published commits. However, being a fan of reviewing my changes before forcing the world to see them, I also need a way to check them out locally. In the past I’ve used p4merge to graphically compare, but the tool has lacks code highlighting and is far enough outside my normal environment that I find myself missing changes. I found myself in vim’s man pages, where I conveniently found documentation on their built-in diffing tool: vimdiff.

Site Design - January 2015

My goal is to make changes once a month to this blog, as both a test of design/CSS prowess and in an effort to continuously improve it. I’ve started by taking screenshots of both how the site is now and how it looked when first pushed live.

My Projects

Below is a sampling of big projects that I've worked on.